I enjoy most things in life and will give most things ago, and if I enjoy enough I will give it another go. I enjoy computers in general from graphic design video editing and production. I have a passion for making things... from woodworking plastic fabrication, metal work just making stuff with my own hands.

My hobbies include;

  • All forms of music, I play keyboards and write and produce my own music which has been release under CCL.
  • All forms art, drawing, painting, hand sketching, cartoon, computer and graphic design.
  • Videography, video editing, multimedia.
  • Woodworking and making things and DIY.
    • I have started a small growing YouTube channel combining two of my hobbies, making/woodworking and videography.
  • I also have a passion for motorcycling. (Unfortunately y Ducati was stolen in 2023 and I have not replaced it yet)

I have in the last few years been slowly making use of my basement and making a small work shop (with very limited space, mind you). And have many of my own tools.

  • Table saw, band saw, mitre saw and scroll saw.
  • Router, thicknesser, small planer jointer.
  • Compressor and brad nailer, various nail guns.
  • For a full list click here