Hello my name is Dale Forsyth,
I have a lot to offer my prospective employers as I am honest, hardworking and consider myself a thorough who enjoys working with in a team environment.

I am always keen to learn new skills to widen and enhance my employment opportunities and consider myself a self-motivated person with a cheerful and sociable outlook.

With the skills I have thus far, I know I would be a valuable asset to any company employing me.

Dale Forsyth

Name Change: Change of surname to my fathers family name in 1998. Goodwillie to Forsyth.
Date of Birth: 23rd November 1968
Place of Birth: Dunedin, New Zealand
eMail: Nighthawk
Website: www.wackywoodworks.co.nz
Status: DeFacto
Health: Excellent
Changed my surname to my Fathers Surname in 1998